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Receiving volunteers from all over the world is a priceless opportunity for the communities we support and the benefits are even higher with a diversity of backgrounds and skills. Join us and help to support communities that need extra care.

Whether you decide to get involved with one of our programmes, or help out in campaigning for our programmes, the time and energy you invest will make an incredible difference to the lives of people in desperate need.

But It Doesn’T End There…

So many of our past and present volunteers have found the experience intensely rewarding on a personal level. Seeing the sometimes desperate conditions faced by the people we work with on a daily basis, has a habit of putting many first world problems in perspective.

Whether you’re a skilled professional or not, if you have time and energy to give we want to hear from you.

Open Positions – Volunteer Services

We are currently accepting volunteers to work with us to achieve the organizations mission and vision.

This is a good opportunity to those who wants to make an impact in the lives orphans in our society.

The volunteer services range from full time to part time and on need basis.

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Your donation will help us to continue to give support our charity projects in Kenya. Wherever you are in the world, you can get your gift to us or offer financial donation through the form below.