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Good Morning 2016?

          Good Morning 2016?

Ninety minutes of playing football just ended and we bid farewell and a good night to team 2015 just the other day. We are aware we need to play you and that you have approximately 365 days embedded with countless hours, minutes and seconds that would still need us to recharge and surge forward with our usual character of changing the lives of young people through the power of the most popular and powerful sport in this world that goes by the name of ‘football’. This sport has indeed brought a lot experiences, creating learning classrooms in the open fields out of no walls and roofs as well as winning instant friendships with the participants, coaches, volunteers and partners who have combined their synergies to utilize its dynamic power. We hereby wish you, ourselves, and our partners best wishes as we walk together again through this journey…

                                                         Go Girls Go!

Three Mrembo program participants: Naomi, Veronica and Janet were endorsed to participate in the 2016 Global Early Adolescent study (GEAS) video competition. The GEAS is focused on various countries around the globe with the goal of understanding the forces that shape girls and boys behaviors, the messages that young people get and the consequences of those messages. The girls were invited to create and share short videos to tell their stories, about how girls learn to “be women” and what it means to become adolescents in their contexts and cultures. Stories can be funny, emotional, sad or exciting. The videos can show relationships with family school, friends, or other important people in life. They can be personal story, an interview, and a walk through neighborhood. Participants whose videos are selected will receive a honorarium and the winning videos will be displayed during the 2016 international conference on family planning to be held in Indonesia, January 25.The winning participants will also become finalists to be part of the GEAS adolescent advisory team over the course of the next 5 years and will be called upon for advice as well as participating in meetings. The entire VAP family wishes good luck to these girls as they prepare to go global.

End of The Year Party

A community do gooder and a class act, are the titles that crowned coach Evelyn Achieng for her stellar performance in the year 2015.Her massive contribution towards making our society a safe place to live wouldn’t go un noticed as she scooped VAP’s most prestigious award, the C.EO’s award. The presentation of the award was done during VAP’s Galla awards come end of the year party held in pundamilias camp, arguably the most serene place around  Nakuru  away from the buzzling city of Nairobi. The occasion was well attended by a battery of VAP coaches, staff and volunteers who took the opportunity to relax, reflect and talk about the successes and the challenges witnessed in the year 2015.Also on the day’s menu was recognition and presentation of various awards to various outstanding coaches, staff and volunteers who went an extra mile in serving the community. The event was also graced with some dinning and winning accompanied with some karaoke music from various coaches who showed some kind of double developing talents on how possible music can as well be leveraged as a tool for social impact, away from their original football identity.

Strength of A Woman

Our very own coach Evelyn Achieng (first on your left, second raw from the back) was among the female football coaches from around the globe who gathered in Berlin courtesy of DISCOVER FOOTBALL. The one week workshop focused on establishing ties through shared interest in football, and demonstrating opportunities for diversity and emancipation in the game as well as using the passion of football to overcome social and political borders for women in sports and society. The workshop also brought together female football players, activists, and trainers with an aim of building a worldwide network and empowerment work that strives to create safe places for meetings and movements of female football activities. DISCOVER FOOTBALL uses football to make special encounters between women and make possible that what would have otherwise never happened. All the invited women have one thing in common: they are strong in a male-dominant sport and are endeavor fighting at their own locality to break the cycle.

New Year’s Resolution

Coming on the heels of a recent Skillz Kenya graduation ceremony in their school, 19 years old Stephanie Njeri has just made her mind by joining VAP as a volunteer coach. Stephanie was an active participant of Skillz Kenya program at her former school where she was involved in all the sessions that led to her program graduation. Despite participating in the Skillz Kenya program, she was an avid football player in her school and a charismatic student leader.
“I want to give back to the community what was given to me.I want to help other young children to get an opportunity to better themselves, make informed healthy decisions and contribute towards developing our communities. This experience will act as a springboard to my future career of working with the community even as I await for a college call up.” Said Stephanie.

Getting Footie in Iringa

A mixture of 3 young girls and 2 young boys was part of the team that represented VAP at the just concluded third edition of East Africa streetfootballworld Festival held in Iringa at the backyard of IDYDC who were the host organization. The one week event was also attended by a cross section of other twelve streetfootballworld member organizations from East Africa. During the one week event, the young participants were busy involved in football games, workshops and cultural exchanges geared to address social challenges across the region. The football games were played in a football3 format a unique way of playing football considering the basic principles of fair play, inclusion and respect conducted by the participants themselves in the absence of the referee. The event also featured skills sessions from English premier league and the British council conducted by Zambian educators who have been trained by the British Council and the premier league. In this session, VAP was represented by Coach Kenneth Otieno who also doubled as the youth leader. “As the head coach of VAP football club and the organizer of all VAP leagues in schools and community centres, the ripple effect of the knowledge gained would go a long way in strengthening VAP football activities.” Said coach Ken

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