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Who we are?

We are advocates of sports for social and economic development!

Our Mission

To integrate social and economic values through sports by creating a pro-active health environment.

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Our Programmes

Skillz Kenya

This program uses the power and the popularity of the game of football as a tool to address HIV and Sexual Reproductive Health amongst young people. The program creates simple, but powerful connections between football and life, and helps young people take small steps to ….

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Employability & Entrepreneurship

In Kenya today, out of 10 people who are unemployed 7 are young people below 35 years. Employability and Entrepreneurship program is an exit initiative that integrates graduands of VAP’s programs into vocational training courses and apprenticeship and business opportunities purposely for economic empowerment. Participants, who graduate from vocational training courses and apprenticeships, are linked into job opportunities, internships and entrepreneurship support.

The program equips young people with valuable soft skills including: catering, hair and beauty, pastry, financial and digital literacy and prepare them for the job-market….

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Mrembo Program

Mrembo means ‘Beauty’. The program uses football to unveil the inner beauty of a girl child by addressing issues surrounding: Sexual reproductive health and Rights, Gender Based Violence, and economic development. The Mrembo Girls program, which takes its name from the Swahili word for “beauty,” aims to provide a platform for girls and young women to explore, discuss, and address various socio-economic issues they encounter. It recognizes that many are the times the outer beauty does not reflect what’s inside. Young women and girls are no exception to this. The program focuses on tackling important issues such as Building on self esteem, communication and leadership skills, sexual reproductive health and Uptake of biomedical services among adolescent girls and young women, Rights & Freedom from violence, Accessing resources in the community, and economic development, all with the aim of empowering and uplifting young women. Mrembo project strives to build, unveil, and restore their inner beauty through a series of initiatives such as;

Goal Program: Focuses on education, employability and entrepreneurship among adolescent girls.

Secure Futures Program: The Secure Futures programme aims to empower pregnant adolescent girls and young mothers to exercise their rights. It provide life skills education, sports, psychosocial support, referral services and economic empowerment opportunities for participants while also engaging male partners and shifting community narratives about early pregnancy and young mothers.

Ustawi Program: A holistic program designed to support adolescent girls and young mothers to bounce back from negative effects of Covid-19 in regards to their mental and socio-economic wellbeing

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Stand Tall Program

This program uses the power of the game of basketball as a tool to empower young people with basketball skills, economic empowerment skills and social skills. The program targets young people of ages between 9 years to 25 years.

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Sport is in the center of all activities at VAP as it has the potential to drive social and economic development in communities, creating a positive and lasting impact. Sports serve as a powerful entry tool to engage with communities because of their universal appeal, their ability to promote youth engagement, and their capacity to foster community building. Furthermore, sports contribute to healthy lifestyles, skill development, economic opportunities, social inclusion, conflict resolution, and education. VAP has different sport initiative such as
Kick N Test VCT Football Tournament: As a supplementary event for Skillz
Kenya, the event provides a safe space for youth to play football while
engaging trained HIV coaches to talk freely about issues of HIV and getting
an opportunity to know their HIV status, receive counseling and referral
Wasichana Wacheze League & Tournament: The tournament  is a periodical supplementary event that creates a safe space for girls and young women to have equal playing opportunity and have a safe space to discuss freely issues surrounding: Sexual Health Reproductive, Rights, Gender Based Violence, and provides health services and referrals.

Bounce Basketball League & Tournament: The tournament  is a periodical supplementary event that creates a safe space for girls and young women to have equal playing opportunity and have a safe space to discuss freely issues surrounding: Sexual Health Reproductive, Rights, Gender Based Violence, and provides health services and referrals.

Tucheze Sports : We open up opportunities for our participants who play sports by holding thematic tournaments and leagues focusing on four pillars of players development [ Tactical, Technical, Physical and SOCIAL ].

During our leagues and tournaments, we have a special team that selects the best players who then join our VAP select teams [Both football and Basketball teams]. This primarily takes the form of scouting to find the talent and then providing the skills training to give them access to high school and university scholarships abroad that will help them go further in life. For every sport, we work with both girls and boys.

In Kenya, young people are passionate about sports, but the lack of adequate facilities near to them hinders their development of fundamental skills at a tender age. Second, is the limited pathways for the elite amongst these young players to go beyond their country to turn professional or to use their athletic prowess to go on to further their studies.

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Nafsi mental wellness hub

VAP provides friendly Psychosocial Support and Counseling services to both its beneficiaries and the wider community. It has a team of qualified and dedicated counselors who are capable of addressing mental health issues, through individual/couple counselling, group therapy and making appropriate referrals. Moreover, it operates a toll-free helpline (0800721544) for the community, offering tele-counseling, information, and referrals related to Sexual Reproductive and Mental Health

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VAP received a matching fund from Aga Khan foundation to support its Employment and Entrepreneurship

As an honor to its continuous and committed work of serving the community and maintaining the ‘Superstar status’ on global giving fundraising platform

VAP emerged runners up in the Yetu Initiative of the first ever cohort of the Yetu initiative supported by Agha Khan foundation and USAID Kenya.

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