Our Team


Enouce is the  CEO at Vijana Amani Pamoja ,a community organization  based in Nairobi Kenya that uses the power and the popularity of the game of soccer/football as a catalyst for social and economic empowerment. VAP engages youth, both boys and girls  from the  underserved communities and trains them to become great agents and drivers of positive change. VAP football/soccer based programs are aimed at empowering youth to be mentors of other young people, driving  the change from within Nairobi’s communities. It’s comprehensive models engages young people in core life skills programming and then integrates them into vocational training and apprenticeship courses which paves the way for employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. In 2020 the organization was named Beyond Sports Global Award Winner in the ‘Reduced Inequalities ‘SDG # 10, Diara Awards 2020 ‘Diversity and Inclusion ’amongst others. Enouce is also the 2020 individual award recipient “Diversity and Inclusion Eminent Leader Award .He has held a variety of other positions within the sports sector including being a volunteer coach of Kenya Special Olympics, managed National Youth Sports Association and Parents Association for Youth Sports in Kenya which is under the umbrella of International Alliance For Youth Sports (USA)  and involved in the formation Best Buddies Kenya, a  chapter of Best Buddies International (USA), a movement that empowers young people with and without intellectual disability through friendship and a life member of Kenya  schools for the mentally handicapped association. Enouce has been involved in various research studies including ‘HIV Oral Self-Testing Attitudes and Behaviors at a sports -based HIV prevention program in the slum areas of Nairobi, Kenya’ that was published in ‘Journal of HIV/AIDS &Social Services and publication of a chapter in (Sport-Based Interventions) case studies from around the world, published by springer. Enouce is also a sports philanthropy and Executive alumni, George Washington University.

NANCY WAWERU | Programs Director

Nancy Njeri Waweru works for Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP), a community scheme based in Nairobi that uses the power and the popularity of the game of football/soccer as a metaphor for both social and economic development. She is the founder of Mrembo girls’ program which runs under the auspices of Vijana Amani Pamoja. The program creates spaces that are safe for young women and girls to have candid conversations on their health, finances and wellbeing and actively participate in soccer activities.

She joined the organization as a volunteer in 2008 and now holds the position of director of programs. Prior to joining VAP, she had a stint as a volunteer with Kenya Voluntary Development Authority (KVDA) where she represented Africa in a youth exchange program in Germany. Nancy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Kiswahili) from Egerton University and served as an active member of the Egerton University of Gender and Women Studies.

She is a recipient of Women sports leadership academy at Chichester University and a graduate of VVLead global women program which runs under Vital voices organization founded by Hilary Clinton.

In the year 2021 Nancy was one of the finalists for Gender equality champion under the DIAR awards and a humanitarian category Zuri awards nominee.
Nancy is the CEO of Exploring Swahili and African Culture (ESAC) and tutors Kiswahili language to international volunteers living in East Africa.

Nancy is married with three adorable sons. She enjoys taking nature trail and has a deep passion of working closely with girls to realize their full potential.

CHARLES OTIENO | Program manager

Charles opens the line of communication between project beneficiaries, partners, and staff to get projects done. With over 20 years in sports for social end economic impact projects , Charles has experience in management , team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and organization collaboration. Charles has managed various projects at Vijana Amani Pamoja. Charles holds

– A Diploma in Sports Science from FIFA online course {certification}

– CAF D license (Soccer Coaching) by Football Kenya Federation.

BONIFACE KWASI |Monitoring Learning & Evaluation Officer

Boniface provides technical leadership and strategic direction for program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities, frameworks, plans and indicators to capture project performance results and provide effective, accurate and timely monitoring, evaluation and reporting of all project activities. Boniface works closely with the M&E team to design, implement and supervise program M&E activities, ensuring that lessons learned are integrated into program implementation to continuously improve quality of interventions and outcomes.

Boniface is also responsible for documenting, disseminating program successes & challenges, also be responsible for designing and conducting operations research to Vijana Amani Pamoja.

LINDA KAFWA  |Social Enterprise  Officer

Linda works at Vijana Amani Pamoja as a Social enterprise Officer.Her expertise are in Entrepreneurship, Design, Marketing, and International relationships. She also have experience in organizing capacity building sessions content marketing , and networking in general.Her strengths professionally are good communication and listening skills, big-picture strategic thinking, helping others to get clear on their goals, while understanding their mindset blocks.

ANN NDUKU |Senior Program Officer

Ann is in the program department. She has successfully led various programs at Vijana Amani Pamoja (Secure Futures, Goal , Ustawi and Mauzo mtandaoni. She has over 10 years’ experience in community work.Her background includes both administrative and direct service to young people at the community level.She has a  Diploma in Community development and social work at Kenya Polytechnic University College.

WINNIE ANDEYO |Program Officer

Winnie is in the program department. She has successfully led Mrembo girls’ program. With her passion and commitment to community work through GOAL Program, she has been able to lead her team to reach over 20,000 young girls. She has over 10 years’ experience in community work .Her background includes both monitoring and evaluation skills and empowering young women economically through the bouncing back project. She has a Diploma in Community development and social work at Zetech University.